Kevin Power’s The Yellow Birds Defines America’s Middle East Wars

Since being released last fall this debut novel by Kevin Powers has been the book of the moment. Powers, himself an Iraq War veteran, has written his generations “War” book. Like his predecessors in the list of authors who have … Continue reading

Great Ratings For Vikings and The Bible, Are They Really That Good?

  This past Sunday, The History Channel, making it’s entry into the contest to be the most talked about network, debuted two new series. As has become apparent over the last few years, Cable, and not just the premium channels … Continue reading

Southern Rockers Drive-By Truckers To Return To Maine March 9th

The Drive-By Truckers return to Maine next weekend with a date at The State Theatre in Portland on Saturday, March 9th. The band is regularly cited by rock critics and music fanatics alike as one of the strongest, most consistent … Continue reading

Emmylou Harris, Frank Ocean and Muse on My Morning Drive

Driving the kids to school this morning I was treated to a wide range of music on the satellite. Music today is more segmented than ever before, much like our society in general, if one does not desire to step … Continue reading

Brad Meltzer’s The Fifth Assassin Features Librarian as Hero

A librarian as a hero? Actually Beecher White  is an archivist at the National Archives in Washington. Still, librarian or archivist, they are close to the same thing and certainly having your main character in a suspense thriller be an … Continue reading