Johnny Says This: Spies of Warsaw, Accidental Racist lead the news

I have been away for quite a bit so today I will be sharing some random thoughts on subjects galore.

BBC America is currently airing a short run television series called Spies of Warsaw. I have just finished watching the first two hour episode this morning. The next airs tonight at 9 PM. This is first rate television. For those who enjoy spy thrillers this one featuring the activities in Warsaw prior to World War II is most enjoyable.

We just purchased a ROKU box for our home. With this and our HBO subscription we now can watch any HBO series, new or old, on our own schedule. One has to think that as the series such as Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, and Game of Thrones  are big draws for Netflix that HBO Go must be hurting them quite a bit.

On the ROKU they also have the VEVO video channel. We spent Sunday afternoon being very unproductive and watching all kinds of eighties videos. I explained to my kids that MTV really did used to play nothing but videos. The downside was that I have had to listen to my wife and daughter break out into ” We Are the World” constantly in the last two days.

Last night on David Letterman Lindsay Lohan made an appearance. Certainly she has had her share of problems but Letterman, who is a very underrated interviewer, did a great job with her. It was actually kind of touching to see her tear up as Dave wished her well in trying to change her life. Of course she is an actress…..but let’s try not to be cynical and take it for what it appeared to be.

On the same episode Gary Clark Jr performed. Wow, this guy is amazing. A virtuoso on the guitar with a voice like a soul great. If you have not heard his music, I had not but will be exploring it soon, I urge you to do so.

The Waterfront Concert Series deserves great credit for the shows that they are bringing to Bangor this summer. Looking at the shows for Kenny Chesney, Phish, and Lil Wayne ( although that has not been officially announced yet ) the organizers have the chance to bring some enormous crowds to town. This is good for everybody.

My daughter is also very appreciative of the pending return of Big Time Rush.

We went to see the Drive By Truckers at The State Theater in Portland about a month ago. It was a tremendous show. The venue is great, the view was perfect. I know this will make me sound old but one wonders do they have to have the guitars so loud one struggles to hear the singing. It was a great show but, and I cannot believe I am saying this, if they just turned it down a notch it would be so much better.

On the Sundance Channel Top of The Lake starring Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss had it’s final episodes next Monday night. This has been a great show. If you did not see it the first time look for the reruns or find it online. Truly excellent programming.

Jimmy Fallon will be taking over Jay Leno’s spot. I love Fallon, his exuberance to be doing what he is doing is very appealing. Still Letterman is like my favorite Uncle I presume I will watch Dave and then watch the funny bits from Fallon online.

Game of Thrones on HBO is back with it’s third season. I will say it again. A wonderful show. We truly are in an age of great television.

Mad Men returned last Sunday night for the first episode of it’s sixth season. The series has a tendency to start each season slowly. This episode was no different. Still one can be assured that within a couple of weeks it will all come together. An awful lot of facial hair on episode one.

Looking forward to Bangor’s favorite son Stephen King’s Under the Dome having a summer run series based on his doorstop weight book Under the Dome. I read the book, it should adapt very well to television.

Last week I stumbled upon the posthumous Jim Morrison album An American Prayer. Mostly recordings of the singers ramblings about Indian mystics and drug addled mind trip the album is a trip into a strange place. In high school and college we thought he made sense. Now it just reminds you of the Drunk Uncle sketch on Saturday Night Live.

Heard the first single from John Fogerty’s upcoming album Wrote a Song For Everyone. On this album Fogerty performs his classic hits with help from some of today’s current stars. On the single ” Fortunate Son” he is joined by The Foo Fighters and the teaming works well. It rocks. Other collaborators include Keith Urban, Kid Rock, Miranda Lambert, and My Morning Jacket along with many others.

Brad Paisley and LL Cool J are both getting heat over a single they have released called Accidental Racist. I do not see what all the fuss is about. I think it is a real effort on both their parts to address the differences between people and how we should all give each other the benefit of the doubt. Those who are criticizing I think are missing the point. We often point out that performers and artists just care about money and do not stand for anything and yet when these two try to further the conversation on an important subject they are ridiculed from both the left and the right. Seems kind of unfair to me.

That is all for this week we will be back soon with more.