Fox’s The Following Might Be Too Dark For Some

Last week after watching the first episode of Fox’s The Following I was unsure about how I felt about it. Much has been made about the level of violence and darkness in the subject matter and, after watching, it is all true, this show about a serial killer with an Edgar Allen Poe fetish and the cult like following he develops is about as scary a show as I have seen on network television. Bordering at times on the gore one can see most any weekend out at the Cinemas with the horror flicks marketed to teenagers ( another concern we should all have) the show in both the episodes I have now seen at times certainly resembles a splatterfest.

So is the show worth watching. The truth is that it is. Kevin Bacon stars as Ryan Hardy, a former FBI agent brought back to the job when a serial killer he had put away escapes. In the first two episodes we have, through flashbacks, learned about the original murder spree, met a host of people who we later learn are not what they seem, and come face to face with a clear vision of evil personified.

Comparisons have been made to the previous Fox hit 24 and it is true that there are similarities. Thankfully that incessant beeping at every commercial break is not one of them. As with 24 the show is fast paced, well acted, and is, at least in the first two episodes, edge of your seat suspenseful. As violent as it is there is no denying that this show is well written, smart, and out of the ordinary. Still the concern that, especially with what has gone on in the news recently, any show portraying this subject matter might prey on some nut job sitting in his basement and encourage his crazy thoughts cannot be easily dismissed.

I resolved after the first episode that I would watch the next and for the time being decide week by week when to jump ship. After watching Monday’s second episode I can say that I will return next week. Still this show is dark, it lets us view something that we all fear when we shut the lights out or more recently watch the news. I have already decided that I will not be watching this show in the dark of night.

I cannot recommend this show for anyone else. It is well done and for now I am intrigued in what is, on the simplest level, a mystery show. If you are prone to bad dreams, or worry about things you fear but cannot see , this show might well be too much for you. I will keep you posted.



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